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Why to hire a bookkeeper?
Running a business is not a child’s cakewalk. A businessman has to pay dedicated attention to every aspect of a business. But once an establishment grows bigger, it is hardly possible to manage everything single-handedly. Account management is an important task to be handled with extreme care and impeccable professionalism. Even if your accountant is doing fine, you will not be unwilling to go for a better alternative! Here emerges the need of opting for a good bookkeeping service.

Top Class Bookkeepers – The Other Name of Excellence
Cut down the cost and stretch the revenue margin – it is the ultimate goal of every business owner to generate profit in profusion. Hiring a Bookkeeper in Perth means you have to give him at a rate of $200-250 per hour. Top Class Bookkeepers take the responsibility of preparing your lodge and BAS more efficiently so that you can do without the service of an accountant. There are others in the bookkeeping business but we have dared to stand tall among the run-of-the-mill. And what about the cost? Well, it is just a small fraction of what you spend on your accountant on yearly basis.

Bookkeeping is a routine unlike accountancy and involves complexities too. So, if one does not excel in Bookkeeping services in Perth, chance is high that he will make serious mistakes and make a mess of everything. There are some strategic tasks such as cash-flow management, budgeting, analysis, financial reporting which can be easily handled by an expert and experienced professional. When it comes to updating the correct information on regular basis, a skilled bookkeeper is next to none. In fact, how efficiently the accountant can do the job greatly depends on the state of your bookkeeping. Top Class Bookkeepers is determined and dedicated to deliver better than the best service to meet the customers’ diverse bookkeeping needs.

Service of a professional Bookkeeper in Perth is not an option but a compulsion for the big business houses. However, the small business units can also earn benefits from a bookkeeping service provider of repute and reliability. Most of the time, the small organizations adopt the do-it-yourself attitude and as a result make a mess of everything. Moreover, being more focused on bookkeeping service requires you to shift your attention from other vital aspects of business. This will ultimately lead to a complete chaos and result into an unsuccessful venture.

Locating an excellent Bookkeeper in Perth is really a challenge for the business owners. However, no need to be frustrated and fret when Top Class Bookkeeper is always at your beck and call. We assess your specific bookkeeping requirements and come up with customized solution. We value your hard-earned money and so, provide our best at a pocket-friendly budget when it comes to bookkeeping services.

Every businessman wants to get the best service at the least service charge. If you are no exception to it, try out our service. We promise not to let you down and are always true to our words! So feel free to consult us about your bookkeeping needs. Being committed to excellence, Top Class Bookkeepers provides the best tailored-made service without blowing up your budget.

What does a professional bookkeeper do?
What does a professional bookkeeper do? Well, he accomplishes multiple tasks on strength of enviable excellence and rich experience. A professional Bookkeeper in Perth makes the best of his knowledge and skill to:
  • Check if your BAS is done correctly and submitted on time so that you do not have to pay late fees, interest and penalties due to incorrect submissions.

  • Keep up a correspondence with the debtors, thereby handling them and always.

  • Professional bookkeepers understand, helps in payroll and handles issues with contractors, directors’ fees, PAYG withholding, superannuation choice, allowances, fringe benefits tax etc.

  • Professional bookkeepers like top class bookkeepers are formal registrated with the Tax Practitioners Board as “Registered BAS Agents”.  This means they are able to legally prepare and lodge their clients’ BAS Returns for them each month or quarter.

  • Professional Bookkeeper in Perth helps in providing figures and financial reports to the tax accountant at the end of the financial year. This helps clients firstly to get the tax right and also reduction in the tax fees charged by the accountant as most of the work is prepared by the bookkeeper already.

  • Professional bookkeepers provide monthly financial reports to the client and help in keeping the business on the track.
Multiple Aspects of Bookkeeping Service
Financial Statements:

For a small business organization, the minimum financial information should be the periodic financial statements which comprise of profit and loss statement and at least, a balance sheet. For the credit providing business establishments, the best way to control the debtors is to have a tab on the trial balance of the monthly-aged debtors. Those who have invested a lot in the share market must control the inventory records. Regular reports on debtors and inventory records will prevent your capital from being unnecessary tied up and ensures immediate follow-up action in the event of any problem.

The major drawback of financial statement is that it shows the result regarding business performance only after the event. However, its importance can not be denied completely. Preparing financial statements annually is not a solution for the business establishments. Frequent reporting period is a better choice, especially if you have more important data such as  number of enquiries, number of customers per day, average sales value, number of quoted jobs lost, and customer satisfaction and so on. It is good if you have a website of your own. This way, you can monitor multiple indicators through the site..

For the best result, it is must to prepare regular financial statements as well as other vital performance indicators and compare them with that of the prior periods. A scrupulous and frequent scrutinizing of the performance with the help of successive quarterly or monthly accounts shows the trend of your business that might not be apparent otherwise. For small business bookkeeping, some important KPIs, listed as follows, need to be monitored:-

Stock Turnover Days:
These show the number of days required to sell your inventory. The lower the ratio, quicker is the sale of your stock.
Debtors Turnover Days:
It is an indicator to the average time span from sale to cash collection. A lower ratio is quite impressive as it indicates that the accounts are paid quickly. From the perspective of cash flow, it is important to keep the number of days minimum as far as possible.
Return on Investment:
It is the ultimate motivation for the business owners to run a business. While making an investment into a project, the businessmen invest risk and so deserve reaping a good return. However, return from your project must be compared with that of other forms ofinvestment.
Gross Profit Margin:
Being regarded as one of the most important bottom line indicators, it reflects the profitability of your business and how much control you have over the cost of sales and pricing policies. This ratio too needs to be compared with the available industry data and past records.
Break Even Sales:
It refers to the ‘sales figure’ that requires to be generated in order to cover expenses. In a layman’s speak, this indicator refers to the level of activity where neither profit is gained nor is loss incurred. It is an important ratio and needs to be monitored by every business owner with greater care. Monitoring must be done on monthly basis. Team members and managers of Top Class Bookkeepers are diligent in their Bookkeeping services in Western Australia service and dedicated to the customers’ needs. They share their hands-on experience with each other and also with the clients. This way, they make a valuable contribution to the expansion of customers’ knowledge base and the growth of our business.

We prioritize bookkeeping for small business units. Let us have a chance to offer you a fulfilling service as far as bookkeeping is concerned. Feel free to contact Top Class Bookkeepers on +61 422250271
How to improve my cash flow!

Well, it is the covert and overt wish of every business owner. Scanty or irregular cash flow is a frustrating issue for the businessmen. This problem takes to a worse turn as soon as your business starts expanding. For a new client, you have to shell cash for wages and inventory even before being paid off by the person. You do not know if you have to wait for weeks or months to get your dues. If the client is a good one, then you are very lucky! However, how soon you will get the payment also depends on how good the payment terms are. If you belong to an industry where the existing firms do not earn a good profit margin, it may take 6-12 months before you become cash positive with your client.

Collection risk is another factor that must be taken into consideration. If your clients are struggling for survival in the industry, then chance is high that their outstanding invoices may stretch to more than 90 days. In case, they go into liquidation, the bad debt may be an indication of more than your total profit earned from the clients till date. The best way to overcome this problem is to go for ‘direct debit client accounts’. The solution must be in keeping with your payment terms. This method finds an extensive use in some large telephone companies and utility providers. Every business is associated with uncertainties in terms of risk and return. However, you can always ensure certainties to some extent regarding cashflow.

Either you or your client can terminate the service of the third party. The clients opting or professional Bookkeeping services in Perth are often in doubt about allowing you to direct debit their credit account in case the relationship is cut off. You have the choice to set it up either to direct debit from the client’s bank or credit card or as a recurring amount that may require you to edit the amount after each payment.

Top Class Bookkeepers provides onsite bookkeeping service in every nook and cranny of Perth. If you like to set up your clients on direct debit, contact Top Class Bookkeepers by clicking on our email: or

Bookkeeping Software – Making a Better Choice?
Bookkeeping software is an advanced program to take care of your bookkeeping requirements. Plenty of such software are available in the market and so it is must to take the right pick. Prior to buying software, it is better if you gather some valuable information as to which software will fulfill your business objectives. The right choice in this regard will help you manage your bookkeeping jobs with efficient ease and competent edge. People often ask us which software is superior – MYOB or Quickbooks or online software like XERO or SAASU. Though everyone must go for the best but at the same time one must not heavily rely on rumor and switch to another software just because some are doing so. Hopping onto the bandwagon may not bear fruits to you. Both the software can provide comparable level of features and facilities if they are handled by an efficient and experienced bookkeeper.

Our extensive survey shows that many a potential Bookkeeper in Perth love one system and hate the other. This may be because they are comfortable with working on a system and not familiar with others. However, if they get to know about the advantages of the alternative systems, they may shrug off their biased attitude. Let us now have a closer look at the comparison between MYOB and Quick Books.
  • Operating System - MYOB also offers Apple Mac based products whereas Quickbooks only offers products that work on Windows platform.

  • Credit Cards - On contrary to MYOB that requires you to use the banking menu and manually change the bank account to the credit card account, Quickbooks offers a distinct menu option for entering and reconciling credit cards.

  • General Journals - The general journal menu option in Quickbooks is found in the Banking menu. It has no features to allow you to enter GST inclusive amounts which may create problems if you need to use a journal for entering an expense claim form.

  • Inventory - Unlike Quickbooks, MYOB provides the facility to have multiple locations for inventory.

  • Credit Notes - Quickbooks has a specific menu option for entering credit notes when you receive the same from a supplier. MYOB requires you to enter a negative invoice.

  • Multiple Company Files- Quickbooks allows you to open only one company file at a time. MYOB lets the user open multiple files simultaneously. It is a handy option especially when you are working with a group or companies for intercompany transactions.

So, we can see that each of the software has its own set of pros and cons. However, we must admit that MYOB should be a preferred choice in case of non online product category. Nowadays, we have Xero and Saasu - the key players in the online software, popularly referred to as cloud accounting. Let us have a quick glance over the comparisons between these two major players in the light of the following features and facilities:

How much easy it is to have a quick glance over your bank transactions, invoices, bills and expense claims on Xero software Add new transactions! You just need to click your mouse and the required data flashes on the computer screen. Unlike Saasu, Xero has interactive graphs to show money streaming in and out as well as the watchlist that allows the users to monitor specific accounts.
Multi Currency:

Xero software offers some unique features and you can make the most of them. Many a reliable and reputable Bookkeeper in  Perth You can send invoices. Moreover, account reconciliation is possible and payment can be made in over 160 different currencies. Really amazing, it not it? As foreign exchange rate is hourly updated, so you can immediately get to know about the exact effect of gains and losses on your cash-flow. You can not get these features in Saasu.

Fixed Assests Depreciation:

Xero can successfully track depreciation throughout the year and therefore allowing you to get a complete and accurate picture of profit and loss as well as balance sheet reports. The software is effective to track your fixed asset automatically. Moreover, it is fairly easy to make quick changes and update everything instantly. These features are missing in Saasu, Myob and Quickbooks.

Live Bank Feeds:

Live bank feeds in Xero help you in data entry, bank reconciliation and profit generation.

Though Saasu came first but Xero has a lion’s share in the market in regards to cloud accounting mainly because of the above-stated functional features mentioned it offers.

So, you can see that both the systems have some advantages and disadvantages. However, with many add-on products, it is possible to successfully extend the functionality of both systems. Choice of the software must be based on the user’s requirements. You have to consider both facilities and limitation of software. Top Class Bookkeepers, on strength of its proficiency and perfection, excellence and experience, prudence and professionalism can help you in taking the right decision for your business when it comes to the best yet affordable Bookkeeping services in Perth. So contact us.........

Our hourly rates are very competitive or we can create custom packages for your regular accounting records maintenance for a fixed or flat fee. Here at TOP CLASS BOOKKEEPERS, we offer solutions to meet your needs, from the simplest record keeping to the most complex.
TOP CLASS BOOKKEEPERS is keen to solve your bookkeeping problems and team up with you to grow your business………